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The MORGaN project addresses the need for a new material basis for electronic devices and sensors that operate in extreme conditions particularly high temperatures or electric fields. It will take advantage of the excellent physical properties of diamond and gallium nitride (GaN) based heterostructures. The association of these two materials will promises ultimate performance devices in extreme environments.

These wide band gap materials are suitable for high voltage (>10 kV) switching applications. This is crucial for the next generation of efficient long distance power distribution systems required for geographically dispersed renewable energy sources. It is also highly desirable in many other, traditionally inefficient, electrical energy conversion systems. As a result GaN/diamond composite could replace silicon for extreme environment applications.

MORGaN outputs
A list of key outputs from the project

MORGaN videos
In these short (<2min) videos, some of the experts working on the MORGaN project talk about their work.

MORGaN topics
The main areas of work in the MORGaN project include:

Diamond substrates III-N material development
Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity of any solid material and is potentially the ultimate substrate for many high temperature or extreme power applications. MORGaN will develop epitaxial growth of low defect density III-N layers and HEMT structures on high thermal conductivity substrates
Packaging and metallisation Harsh environment devices
Packaging and metallisation are important considerations in extreme environments. MORGaN explores available materials and new packaging technologies. A "harsh environment" can be external (e.g. high temperature or pressure) or internal (e.g. as a consequence of power dissipation under high current flow).

MORGaN is supported by the European Commission under FP7