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MORGaN topic
Packaging and metallisation

The packaging and metallisation of an electronic device or sensor are essential considerations in extreme conditions and environments:

  • Any metal contacts must be stable
  • Package and device must be thermally compatible
  • Device must be chemically stable.

MORGaN proposes a novel technological solution to electron device and sensor modules for extreme and harsh environments. The use of the III-Nitride material system together with polycrystalline diamond-based substrates and nanocrystalline diamond heat spreading layers will be studied.

Advanced 3D ceramic packaging and new metallisation techniques based on the emerging technology of MN+1AXN alloys will also be explored.

Layer techiques
Layer techniques may be used to manufacture very complex geometrical structures, so in principle any structure could be manufactured in ceramics and metals. MORGaN will develop new ceramics and metal system for high temperature applications.

Layer-manufactured ceramics platform, with embedded 3D interconnects Gyro holder with printed silver lines

MORGaN is supported by the European Commission under FP7