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MORGaN Consortium

8 Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd.

Contact     Nina Biddle

Location    Pontypool, UK

GEM Ltd. founded in 1988 with the object of manufacturing materials for the electronics and associated industries. Products are manufactured directly for individual customers and are tailored to suit specific processes. The key markets for these materials are: electro-ceramics, electrochemical biosensors, electro-luminescent displays and both chemical and gas sensors. GEM Ltd. also undertakes contract research for companies who wish to look at areas of new technology and do not have the in-house capability or expertise.

Main research topics and capabilities
The GEM product range covers both precious and non-precious metal materials for all forms of substrates, passive or active components:

  • Conductor pastes
  • Dielectric pastes
  • Polymer-based pastes
  • Pastes for sensors, industrial, automotive and biosensor applications
  • Synthetic metallo-organic materials for electronics and decorative applications.

MORGaN tasks

  • Providing nano-seed layer materials based upon colloidal technology

  • Delivery of high temperature materials for packaging

  • Developing measurement techniques & protocol for electrochemical sensors

  • Testing of high temperature devices.

MORGaN is supported by the European Commission under FP7