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MORGaN Consortium

4 Element Six Ltd.

Contact     Richard Balmer

Location    Ascot, UK

Element Six (formerly De Beers Industrial Diamonds) was formed in 1947 to address the industrial market for machining with natural diamond.  During the 1980s, it was discovered that diamond could be synthesised by Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD).  E6 has been a pioneer in the development of CVD diamond technology, with a world-renowned research centre at Ascot (UK) dedicated to this activity.  CVD Diamond is a unique material which opens up many new application areas outside the traditional abrasive uses of the material.  E6 started selling CVD diamond products on a truly commercial basis in the mid-1990’s  (examples include laser windows, windows for high-power gyrotrons and heat-spreaders for electronic devices).

Main research topics and capabilities
CVD diamond activity within E6 is concentrated in the “Technologies” business unit based in Ascot, UK, where CVD diamond is synthesised and processed.  E6 has world leading diamond R&D, synthesis and material processing technology (know how) in Ascot, UK and is currently the leading supplier of all types of polycrystalline CVD diamond.  In 2002, the E6 Ascot laboratory became the first group in the world to demonstrate the synthesis of electronic device quality, single crystal CVD diamond. Today, synthetic single crystal diamond (formed by both high pressure, high temperature and CVD routes) is commercially available.

MORGaN tasks

  • Supply of diamond-based wafers suitable for III-N epitaxy

  • Develop and optimise the synthesis and primary processing of silicon/poly-diamond composite wafers.

MORGaN is supported by the European Commission under FP7