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MORGaN finished on 31-Oct-2011.

The project results are summarised in the Final MORGaN Brochure (Nov-2011)

The consortium would welcome any feedback or comments, or suggestions for further collaborative research.
Please contact Sylvain Delage or Bruce Napier.


GaN power HEMTs An outline of the reasons GaN is such an interesting material for microwave devices

GaN high power electronics Access to text of published papers papers on GaN-based HEMTs

GaN HEMT application notes Specific application notes for designers on the optimal application of GaN substrates (from Nitronex Corp. USA)

MORGaN partners' technical website areas

University of Ulm Institute of Electron Devices & Circuits Technology homepage; applications of novel electronic and electromechanical devices fabricated from large-bandgap semiconductors, with an emphasis on diamond

STU in Bratislava Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology homepage

IEMN Microwave Power Devices Research activities

Supermaterials research at Element Six; further information on supermaterials including synthetic diamond: properties, manufacture and case studies

General semiconductor technology links

Semiconductors information Wide-ranging informative site with data and links relating to semiconductors, including III-V materials

Semiconductor data Extensive referenced technical data on a number of semiconductor materials including III-V materials from the Russian Ioffe Institute

GaN materials development Workers at Radboud University (The Netherlands) are also researching low defect GaN and diamond substrates

Organisations working in MORGaN-related areas

Diamond Microwave Devices A UK company developing novel diamond semiconductor materials and processing technology with the aim of creating the next generation of high-power, high-frequency semiconductor devices.

Ceimig Ltd. A UK supplier of thin film and nano-scale catalysts and sensors.

Public domain articles
Reducing GaN HEMT degradation with InAlN barrier
Semiconductor Today 08-Jan-2010
Article on MORGaN technology in describing some of the work by MORGaN partners TU Vienna, IEE (Slovak Academy of Sciences) and EPFL.

Europe turns to AlInN to push the limits of transistor and sensor performance
Compound Semiconductor Dec-09
A detailed article on MORGaN was printed in the December 2009 issue of the magazine (

Fujitsu develops GaN HEMT for use in power supplies
Semiconductor Today Jun-09
Fujitsu Labs (Japan) report development of a new structure for GaN HEMTs that is claimed to be able to minimise power loss in power supplies.

Advanced substrate demand to increase for gallium-nitride devices
Laser Focus World May-09
Increasing demand for blue-violet laser diodes, UV LEDs, and other devices will provide significant growth of advanced substrates such as gallium nitride and aluminum nitride.

Light-enhanced wet etch eats into GaN
Semiconductor Today May-09
Researchers at the University of Crete and FORTH/IESL are developing wet etch techniques for use with nitride-based semiconductors

Heterostructuring for high speed, power and light
Semiconductor Today Mar/Apr-09
Report on heterostructure materials (including III-nitride) for power, light and high speed applications.

Powering up GaN MOSFETs
Semiconductor Today Oct-08
A review of high-power radio/microwave frequency amplifiers based on high critical field and carrier mobility properties.

Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Roadmap
An important output from the Widgap project (FP6, completed 2006)

Thermal considerations for GaN technology
Nitromex public website (GaN Essentials)
This detailed application note describes the thermal considerations of GaN-on-Si technology from a component and device mounting perspective.

Electronics and electronic materials for harsh environments a mission to the USA
A report from the UK Department for Trade and Industry (Oct 2003) covering semiconductors, packaging and reliability for harsh environment applications.

"Breakthrough gives diamond electronics sparkle"
New Scientist 05-Sep-02
Diamond substrates as a future alternative to silicon

MORGaN is supported by the European Commission under FP7