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Live projects during MORGaN

Nanopack (FP7; start date Nov-07) The overall objective of the NANOPACK project is to develop new thermal interface technologies for low thermal resistance by employing nano-modified surfaces and materials along with methods to characterise and simulate them with respect to thermal, electrical and reliability-related properties.

Agapac (FP7; start date Sep-07) The increased power density of GaN power transistors will directly impact on packaging technology. The thermal resistance needs to be significantly reduced if the advantages obtained at die level are to be maintained at the module and equipment level. The AGAPAC project aims to address this critical challenge for space satellite applications.

High-EF (FP7; start date Jan-08) HIGH-EF will provide the silicon thin film photovoltaic industry with a unique process allowing for high solar cell efficiencies (potential for >10%) by large, low defective grains and low stress levels in the material at competitive production costs.

Hyphen (FP6; expected end date Apr-09) is developing and evaluating a new type of composite substrate, based on silicon and silicon carbide materials, able to provide a cost efficient solution for advanced high power devices in wireless communication systems.

Node (FP6; expected end date Aug-09) The fabrication and integration of nanoelectronic devices, based on self-assembling semiconductor nanowires. The primary target is to deliver replacement and add-on technologies to silicon CMOS, such as FET devices for logics and III-V bipolar transistors for RF applications.

UPTEMP (UK TSB Technology Programme K2001C; start date April 2007) "Durable High Temperature Electronics Packaging for Down-Well Applications"
An initiative to develop electronics packaging solutions that are capable of withstanding 250C for down-well and aero engine applications.

Completed projects

UltraGaN (FP6; completed Dec-08) This project developed high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) using GaN-based materials with excellent results. UltraGaN includes several MORGaN members and studied closely related technology.

HOPE (FP6; completed Dec-08) High Density Power Electronics for FC- and ICE-Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrains. The project worked on improved reliability and cost, size & weight reduction for fuel cell and internal combustion engine hybrid vehicles.

INDOT (FP6 STReP; completed Oct-08) Project to develop MOCVD technology (equipment, precursors, gas purification and growth processes) for the industrial production of indium nitride (InN) quantum dot based devices.

TARGET (FP6 NoE; completed Dec-07) aims to overcome the current fragmentation of European research in the field of microwave power amplifiers for broadband wireless access by creating a progressive and durable integration of research capacities.

GaNano (FP6; completed Dec-06) GaN-based sensor arrays for nano- and pico- fluidic systems for fast and reliable biomedical testing

Widgap (FP6; completed Nov-06) Widgap developed a unified roadmap for wide bandgap semiconductors, specifically SiC and GaN.

MORGaN is supported by the European Commission under FP7