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MORGaN finished on 31-Oct-2011.

The project results are summarised in the Final MORGaN Brochure (Nov-2011)

The consortium would welcome any feedback or comments, or suggestions for further collaborative research.
Please contact Dr. Sylvain Delage or Bruce Napier.


Completed events

MC 2009
Microscopy Conference 2009
30 Aug-04 Sep 2009; Graz, Austria
A major conference covering three main areas: instrumentation and methodology, materials science and life sciences. A wide range of sessions including M1 (on materials for information technology).

6th International Workshop on Bulk Nitride Semiconductors
23-28 Aug 2009; Galindia-Mazurski Eden, Poland
IWBNS is designed to maximise international scientific information exchange between academic, industrial and government scientists on challenges of growth of high quality Group III nitride bulk crystals with low concentrations of structural defects and background impurities.  

DRC 2009
Device Research Conference
22-24 Jun 2009; Penn State University, PA, USA
The main goal of the conference is to stimulate an open and frank discussion on recent breakthroughs and advances on electronic and optical devices, including modeling and simulation, optoelectronic and optical devices, power devices and III-V electronic devices.
TU Ulm attended this event and represented the MORGaN project.

Transducers 2009
15th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators & Microsystems
21-25 Jun 2009; Denver, Colorado, USA
The conference will feature mechanical, optical, chemical, and biological devices and systems using micro- and nano-technology. Work of both a fundamental and applied nature will be featured, including packaging, sensors, optical MEMS and RF MEMS.

Jaszowiec 2009
International School & Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors- "Jaszowiec"
19-26 Jun 2009; Krynica-Zdroj; Poland
An annual meeting gathering international semiconductor physics community in Poland, running since 1970, originating from the Symposium on the Physics of II-VI Semiconducting Compounds.

Devices for harsh environments
4M Network of Excellence workshop
08 Jun 2009; Vienna, Austria
The workshop will present recent achievements in the field of micro-machined devices operated under harsh environmental conditions such as temperature, aggressive media etc. Topics include material aspects, novel devices and their evaluation and the corresponding approaches for packaging and system integration.
TU Wein attendees from MORGaN!

E-MRS 2009 Spring Meeting
European Materials Research Society 2009 Spring Meeting
08-12 Jun 2009; Strasbourg, France
Largest event of its kind in Europe with c. 2000 attendees p.a. Presentation of the latest experimental and theoretical understanding of material growth and properties, the exploitation of new processes and the development of electronic devices. Symposium J focuses on Group III Nitride Semiconductors.
TU Ulm represented MORGaN at this meeting.

NDNC 2009
New Diamond and Nano Carbons Conference
07-11 Jun 2009; Traverse City, Michigan, USA 
The conference will present high-impact scientific and technological advances, along with critical developments to enable the application of diamond, carbon nanostructures and related materials in a diverse range of products. Topics include diamond science and technology and sensor, electronic and optical applications.
TU Ulm represented the MORGaN project at this event.

State-of-the-Art Program on Compound Semiconductors and Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials and Devices
24-29 May 2009; San Francisco; USA
Part of the 215th ECS Meeting
TU Ulm represented the MORGaN project at this event.

Measurement 2009
7th International Conference on Measurement
20-23 May 2009; Smolenice Castle, Slovakia
The scientific program will concentrate on three main areas: theoretical problems  of measurement (including wireless and networked sensing systems), measurement of physical quantities (covering measurement in semiconductors R&D) and measurement in biology and medicine.

2009 Int. Conf. on Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology
18-21 May 2009; Tampa, Florida, USA
An international conference for industry (producers and users), suppliers (materials and equipment) and academia (educators and students) covering many aspects of the compound semiconductor industry.

33rd Workshop on Compound Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits
17-20 May 2009; Málaga, Spain
A broad ranging programme will cover material aspects and characterisation (including III-nitrides), substrates (including diamond), processing, reliability and packaging, opto- and electronic devices and novel structures and concepts
Several MORGaN presentations!

Int. Ex. & Conf. on Power Electronics Intelligent Motion and Power Quality
12-14 May 2009; Nuremburg, Germany
PCIM (=Power Conversion Intelligent Motion) is a leading European meeting-point for experts from power electronics and its applications in intelligent motion and power quality. From the latest developments of power semiconductors, passive components, products for thermal management, new materials, sensors as well as servo-technology and the wide area of power quality and energy-management - PCIM offers a comprehensive, focused and compact presentation of products all under one roof!  
MicroGaN attended this event and represented MORGaN at their booth.

Fibre Optics in Harsh Environments Conference
07 May 2009; Yeovilton, UK
FOHEC is designed to ensure industries in this market sector stay up-to-date with current practices and recent developments in the market place. Topics include design tools, platform experience and current applications.
Bruce Napier (Vivid Components) and Bob Musk (G&H) attended from MORGaN!

3rd Industrial Diamond Conference
16-17 Apr 2009; Paris, France
Unfortunately this event was cancelled.

Living with thermal management
05 Mar 2009; Oxford, UK
Photonics and Electronics Seminar and Roadmapping Event; applications and technology for photonics and electronics in harsh environments.
Bruce Napier (Vivid Components) attended from MORGaN!

Hasselt Diamond Workshop 2009
02-04 Mar 2009; Hasselt, Belgium
The event exchanges the latest news on the progress in science in the CVD diamond and carbon materials fields. Since 1996 the meeting has provided a vibrant forum for rapid and intense discussions on scientific and technological topics, including fundamental but also application driven viewpoints. Since 2003, the emphasis on growth and properties of high quality epitaxial diamond, nanocrystalline diamond and nanostructured carbon materials stimulates interests in the converging fields of electronics, physics, biology chemistry and medicine.
TU Ulm represented MORGaN at this event.

Workshop on Compound Semiconductor Materials and Devices 2009
15-18 Feb 2009; Fort Myers, FL, USA
The overall theme of the Workshop is compound semiconductor materials and processing issues, advanced electronic and photonic devices, characterisation techniques, and new concepts.
TU Ulm represented the MORGaN project at this event.

IWN2008 The International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors
06-10 Oct 2008; Montreux, Switzerland
A forum for presenting state-of-the-art results and latest advances in research and technology of nitride- and related wide-bandgap semiconductors.

Nano-enhanced Materials for Extreme Environments
19 May 2008
A one day workshop and partnering event, is a unique opportunity for industry and end users to discuss materials challenges and state-of-the-art nanomaterial developments.

MORGaN is supported by the European Commission under FP7